June 23, 2024

Mahabodhi temple dome will be overlaid with gold

World heritage Mahabodhi temple dome will now overlaid with gold . The special plane from Thailand reached Bodh Gaya  on Monday with 289.042 kg of gold monitoring by  23 Thai commandos  . Thailand ‘s King Bhumibol Atulytej took the responsibility  to  overlaid dome of the temple  with gold  .

Gold foils placed in 13 boxes came from the aircraft to the airport from the Mahabodhi Temple was brought amid tight security . It took Murgn Dee Siren DM , SSP Nishant Kumar Tiwari and other police officers arrived at the Mahabodhi Temple in airport security . A first- floor room of the goods Mahabodhi Temple amid tight security are maintained .

The dome of the temple with gold pin 40-member team will work with a representative from the monitor to the Thai king came Bodhgaya. To reclaim the gold plated dome was being prepared two months in advance. According to information, one – two days will begin work force gold plated.

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