July 21, 2024
armaan and sofia
armaan and sofia

Arman arrested on charges of assaulting Sophia

Big Boss house was a battle between Sofia and Arman which has now taken a new color . On Monday, police arrested Arman from the Bigg Boss house . Sofia had registered a case of assault against Arman .

Sofia alleges that on December 4 Arman raised hand on Sophia at the time of a task and tryied to kill her .On December’4 Sofia and Arman got into a fight during the task to yearn to become the Captain. During the conflict Arman tried to hit her with the stick.
In the complaint filed by Sophia to the police she said that Arman hit her intentionally and made a mark on her face. Soon after Sophia decided to leave the Bigg Boss house but she agreed to stay there after the explanatoin by the big boss. But the same week she had gone out in the elimination round.

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