June 21, 2024
Princess Diana

Princess Diana dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star, ‘Kevin Costner’

Kevin Costner has revealed that Princess Diana was planning on moving to LA with her lover Dodi Fayed to become a star in Hollywood

before she died in a fatal car accident in Paris. The Oscar-winning star said at CinemaCon that the Princess of Wales had talked about

starring opposite him in the sequel of his 1992 box-office hit ‘ The Bodyguard’, the Daily Star reported.

The 59-year-old actor asserted that there was a very good chance if they would have grab it.

Costner also slammed people who had shot down the story when it first emerged in 2012, saying it was a real hotbed of discussion with a

lot of people saying that it was not true, but it was true.

She had not committed to the movie, but she had asked for it to be written with her in mind, he added.

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