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Kareena Kapoor doesn’t feel comfortable in doing the dirty picture type role

Before few years, Kareena Kapoor Khan was ready to do any type of a challenging role, but now after her marriage is taking care of her married image and avoids some special types of role. She said that she can never do the film like ‘Dirty Picture’. I have not such type of courage. This courage is probably an expose. Kareena is busy in the shooting of her film ‘Singham 2’.

Kareena also said “I have no problem with the amount that actresses are getting. Because, I always get the genuine amount for my acting. If the film is of big budget, then there is not any issue. But it is not necessary that others are also agreeing with the things on which I am agreed.”

Actually, some actresses don’t agree with the amount given to them for the acting in a movie. They are demanding more amounts for that.

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