No objection on Saif’s Intimate scenes: Kareena

Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan says that her husband Intimate scenes in movies with other Hiroinon do not mind giving .

Kareena said, ” Saif and I are professional Actors . We do not feel it Insikyuar . Do with our professional lives of our personal life – do not give up . Saif and I know an actor in the movies are doing their job . Intimate scenes with other Hiroinon are doing it , so I do not doubt for them . ”

Saif’s soon to be released movie ” Bullet Raja ” Talking about Kareena said: ” I ​​do hope that Saif’s ‘ Bullet Raja ‘ will perform well . ‘ Bullet Raja’ actress Sonakshi Saif is right . ” Saif Kareena also said that he sees all the movies . He only with Saif and his ‘Three Idiots ‘ and ‘ Dabangg ‘ saw .

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