Shahrukh Daughter in Hindi film

Shahrukh is now engaged in making his daughter an actress. Shahrukh wants to make his 14 year daughter Suhana an actress. Shahrukh has now started the preparation for this. Shahrukh is too serious about it and he began to write the character of the daughter.

Shahrukh wants that before acting in the movie, his daughter should know all about the acting. He also wants to publish this as the memories also. Shahrukh said that these notes are especially made for his daughter.

But a few days before, the news came that his daughter is influenced more with the work of her mother. She wants to become an interior decorator in the future. She is seen with her mother in the programs related to the interior.

But the most important question is that is Suhana has the ability to become an actress. The star sons and daughters enter into the film industry easily, but their career will finish because of inability in acting

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