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Breast cancer: early detection saves lives

Pinktobr the month of October is called the Pink October . Breast cancer worldwide this month is dedicated to creating awareness . October 13th day of the fourth stage of tackling Breast Cancer Awareness Day is observed . On the occasion of Breast Cancer R. full details . Anuradha :
Cancer of the problem is that most people think that this disease can not be us . People do not make inquiries in this matter in time, and this delay makes the disease is fatal .

How dose cancer
Sales are made by the organs of our body . The result of this growth be sustained without the need for that particular organ that becomes a lump or tumor . Sales of the pile itself by dividing itself increasingly ill unusual that a cell in the tumor becoming the years , sometimes takes decades . The less – than – less than a billion such sales are deposited only in the tumor size is worth recognizing . There may be two types of tumors – benign and malignant .

All tumors dose not Cancer
Benign tumor ( lump ) Non – cancers are considered Kansrs the malignant tumor . Benign tumor is not dangerous to life and they are not spread to other parts of the body . These occur in the organ , resides there and where they are removed through surgery . On the other hand malignant tumors are crooks . These are the organs , the organs surrounding him , they begin to attack and take them in its grip .

Why is cancer
Though breast cancer heredity works only in 10 cases out of 100 , but 100 percent of cancers are due to variations in the genes . Jeans , Environment and Lifestyle – These three factors together increase the risk of cancer in the body .

Country Status
23% to 70 % of cases occur in cancer patients Breast Cancer Stage 3 ( 5 centimeters large lumps) arrive at the hospital at the age of 45-55 , the cases are a cancer expert at the more than 10 million people, 1.15 million new cases each year

Identify yourself
20-year- old woman after 5-7 days of every month period starting on any day ( reached in Minopoj women should fix a date ) should examine the breast itself . Breast and nipple look in the mirror . From the bra line to the bottom and sides of neck above the collar bone to see your three fingers down slightly overall . Walking fingers in regular speed and directions ( check it in the shower room or bathroom can lie down ) .

See if these changes are :
– An abnormal change in size of the breast or nipple
– A lump somewhere ( even if it amounts to moong dal ), which often does not live pain , lumps in the breast cancer usually does not cause pain at the beginning of
– Anywhere in skin swelling , redness , stretch or pit- fall , like orange peel, small – small holes or be rash
– A Brest much focussed on the blood vessels
– To draw within the nipple or any other liquid to get the milk
– Persistent pain anywhere in Brest

(Note: One or more of these symptoms does not necessarily occur when cancer anyway. Bales cancer in younger women, 90 per cent – are free., But 10 per cent of the cancer may be in knots, so definitely check with the doctor to let .)

– At the age of 40 should have mammograms once every two years and again in the early stage to address breast cancer .
– MRI and ultrasonography for breast screening is also done . They seem to know that cancer does not spread to other parts of the body .
– Fansi are also examined . Dipping it into a solid lump is taken out of their cells . How is the tumor , the test is used to test for it .

Keep Misconceptions
– Cancer is not contagious to touch the patient , his or her luggage may be used .
– Cancer patient ‘s blood or body cancer is not touching any injury or bruising .
– Like cancer, diabetes and high BP going to cause disease in the body itself . It is not an infection , the treatment – Anti- biotics possible.
– Breast cancer does not hurt or getting a push .
– 20-year- old woman of any age can get breast cancer .
– Breast cancer also occurs in men . Of 100 breast cancer patients to be male .
– Khan – improving diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer . But once without her medication or surgery after cancer could not be cured . It is authentic Alopthy treatment .
– Most ( 90 of 100 ) of cases the disease is not hereditary breast cancer . Several factors make up the cancer .
– 90 percent of breast cancer tumors – are free . Yet each must stay lumps immediately .
– In most cases the onset of cancer is not painful .
– Is possible after cancer treatment can live a normal life .

Awareness required
The first breast cancer in developed countries , account – do families had been considered a disease of women , but now it is being seen in women of every class . Special is that 50 per cent of breast cancer patients do not get a chance to get treated . The formula is the only successful treatment for cancer – Early recognition . The detection of early stage cancer will be treated equally simple , inexpensive , small and be successful. If people are aware of its identity , its own investigations regularly checks if the disease before the machine can be realized .

Anyway Sensitivities mammography machine is on average 80 per cent . The machine does not catch cancer in 20 cases out of 100, or make false reports . Apart from that machine which radiation is what comes out is many times can cause the onset of cancer . So please do not mammography in less than two years .

Where is the problem
Due to progression of the disease , women and men, both see it as a very private part . Extremities – headache , trouble not hesitated to discuss the women , but wants to focus on the problem of Brest . If a patient is known to the expert in the beginning it is not easy either . He would not know which – which the doctor considers breast diseases . The reason is that the acute shortage of such professionals . Women usually feel comfortable to go to Gainicoljist but Oncolji department is large hospitals . Better to go there .

Cancer treatment is very expensive because it is more effective new medicines are imported .

About catering Union for International Cancer Council ( Uaisisi ) of the Guidelines is closely linked to the possibility of cancer . In developed countries, the problem of over-nutrition , malnutrition in developing countries . Malnutrition, lack of essential nutrients from the body is fully capable of fighting any disease . This proliferation of cancer – is an opportunity to thrive .

Union for International Cancer Council ( Uaisisi ) According to the guidelines :
1 . Tree – made ​​of diverse plants , fibrous food – fruits , vegetables , cereal grains .
2 . Avoid fat things . Red meats and fried – Avoid fried food .
3 . If alcohol is to be consumed in limited amounts .
4 . Food cooked in this way must be protected and that the amount of carcinogens , fungi , bacteria can not be created .
5 . Avoid adding extra salt when cooking and eat .
6 . Body weight less than usual or not too much . The balance of food and calories . Eat more calories all things in moderation . Get regular exercise .
7 . Vitamin and mineral pills can never balanced choice of food .
such campaigns are also needed .

Cancer Survival –
Workout : 13 hours a week walking or jogging three hours and fifteen women have lower breast cancer risk by 23 percent . Maternity : Having a baby ( he is almost 30 years old ) and her breastfeeding effective way to avoid breast cancer .
Tobacco : block , not only tobacco smoking , alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer . Every drink is meant to increase the risk of cancer .
Sunshine : Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to breast cancer . 1000 mg body every day . Calcium and vitamin D should get 350 units . 5-10 minutes a day in the sun to get vitamin D from the body . The lower – than – worn under clothing . Calories : less red meat and processed food , whole grains , fruit and vegetables – the food is the way to prevent cancer . To take just 20 percent of calories from total fat in breast cancer risk could be cut by 24 per cent .
Weight : body fat dominates the hormone estrogen makes the breast cancer cause . Avoid excessive weight gain .

New treatment so right
In the past few years, several new treatments against many types of cancers is supposed to come . Leukemia ( blood cancer ) for immune therapy , targeted therapy for skin cancer , was invented Anti Jeannine for solid cancers .steps to success.

Lab was successful from several targeted treatment of cancer patients are available for a few years , but for some cancers as well . Breast cancer treatment for the past 20 years , only two new ones are to be found – and Hormonal therapy Herceptin . Still in treatment of cancer , would insist on the old tried and tested methods – whether However, the cancer finish. Surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy , all three procedures are extremely difficult , as it may affect the cancer , the healthy parts of the body equally . But overall this is treated in most cases .

So why only link the successful treatment of breast cancer – Early recognition and treatment remember to complete and turn this information into awareness, simple and free ways to try your inquiry .

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