March 5, 2024

Star cars for every need in 2014

Has begun the new year 2014 car market in many product coming that give new life to spur market. If you buy a new car this year, plans are made for many different categories option. Let us know to whom which car will be better:
Entry level cars datsun GO car, volkswagen, Nano  diesel, I10 sedan

Best for: people who want to buy their first car or budgets.

Entry level cars this year will be quite full bustle. Japanese company daitsan will launch its small car “go ‘. its initial price live 3-5 Lakhs. According to India is believed to be quite practical car it. Volkswagen its entry level car in price of up to 3.5 Lakhs. Nano diesel as the highest mileage cars most affordable diesel that will even the entry level sedan Hyundai I10 cars based on the segment of the Grand Honda does eye dijayar bump amej and Maruti.

Multi Utility vehicle Honda mobilio, Datsun go plus

Best for: 6-7 seat car, family and more to come. Compact SUV if form, this year will also compact MUV. Maruti’s low-budget 7-seater vehicle by iga ar Roussel, whose size was much less than the trains like inova year Honda petrol and diesel engines in the same segment with the utaregi and daitsan their mobilo ‘ go plus ‘ compact will present MUV. price will be between 6-8 million rupees.
Compact SUV Mahindra compact SUV, volkswagen tigana, shallower tracks
For whom the best: SUVs, but size should be reduced for those running out or something.
‘ Daystar ‘ and ‘ ikosports ‘ after the success of this segment is required in line. almost all the companies have been working on this segment but this year could come in at least three trains market. kvanto Mahindra after unloading more of the stylish and compact SUV is preparing its compact SUV General Motors. the Indian market by lowering the price of dhalkar and projecting here. volkswagen’s Also in its preparation to launch India compact SUV tigana. all these trains worth 6-10 million in price range of RS.
Entry level lagjari sedan and SUV Mercedes audi A3 sedan and CLA
Best for: budget 20-25 Lakhs and pure lagjari seekers.
German lagjari want to enjoy low budget so this year with good options for you. audi A3 sedan will introduce its cheapest lagjari whose price can be around 22-25 million. the year entry level Mercedes sedan CLA in the same price range in India.

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