July 21, 2024
aadhaar card

How to update your Unique Identification document

Any change or update in Aadhaar card can be done very easily with out stepping out.

Aadhaar card or UID is a unique identification number given to every citizen of India. It’s a very important document by which Identity proof and address proof can be given in any organization. It’s a 12 digit unique number. UIDAI was started in January 2009 by the government of India. It’s under the ministry of Electronics and information technology. First aadhaar card was issued in September 2010.
A basic aadhaar card has a photo, name , address ,card number, father’s name, finger prints , eye scanning details .
There can be many situations when the changes are required in UID or aadhaar card. Such as minor turns into major, change in address, correction in any details such as name spelling, first name , last name ,father’s name., Date of birth etc.
For the first time user they have to go to the nearest enrolment Centre. It can be located in the enrollment Center link in UIDAI.gov.in
For the people who already have enrollment in UIDAI for aadhaar card can also modify any detail. There are two three ways by which modification can be done.
First and easiest in online mode. We can apply in online self service update portal in UIDAI.gov.in
Second method is to fill a form online and send it to UIDAI by post.
Third method is to go to any aadhaar card camp or permanent aadhaar enrollment Center.
For minors fingerprints and eye scanning are not done. They have to update their aadhaar card at the age of 5 and 15. The relationship proof is given by the guardian . On the basis of aadhaar card of guardian minor aadhaar card can be applied.

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