June 22, 2024
Sukanya Samridhi

Parents of girl child are richer than others

Parents of a girl child can earn more interest on their saving in bank account. Our government has made a special bank account and post office account scheme . It is for the girls who are less than ten years of age.The name of the scheme is Sukanya Samridhi Account. Complete tenure is twenty one years. After twenty-one years it has matured.
Initial amount of deposit is 1000₹ , after that 250₹ is the minimum deposit each year . Rate of interest is 8.5 percent.
A single parent can open two Sukanya account.If there are twin girls in first birth and for the second time it’s also a girl then the parent can open three Sukanya accounts.
Withdrawal from this account can be done at the time of marriage or maturity of account.
Only guardians can operate this account even after the majority of girl children means 18 years of age.
If somehow guardian or minor dies then the account will be closed and no penalty will be there.
Sukanya accounts can be open in any nationalized bank or post office. It can be transferred from bank to post office and from post office to bank.

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