April 10, 2024

A new era of seminar- WEBINAR – earn money with zero investment

Seminars are the thing of the past. Now it’s the time for Webinar. Webinars can be define as e- seminar. Seminar you attend through your laptop or mobile.

It saves our travelling time and cost,discourage mass gathering very useful during situations like now a days when novel corona virus is spreading very rapidly.
Webinars can be used for online digital promotion of products .Big companies can launch their new products using webinar.Universities,school ,college can use webinar for interaction and conferences with students and teachers. Even guest teachers from foreign country can participate easily in webinar. Political parties can make a press conference with reporters.

There are lots of platform for organizing webinar

Host can sell their products at the end of webinar. If the webinar conference is uptomark them there are much chances of selling the product advertised in webinar.There will be two way direct communication between the people attending webinar.
Webinar can be organized and attend free of cost and by paying fee. The number of people attending webinar is not restricted. Time flexibility is also there.
We can say that Webinar is the present and future of our generation .Many services will be added in it by the time to make it more people friendly.

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