December 5, 2023

Why Huma Qureshi comes in the life of married men

Actors and actresses love to be in the media, but Huma Qureshi doesn’t like the things about her that are in the media nowadays. And the result is this that she wants to keep her safe from the eyes of the media. The reason behind this is that she is in the media now for some bad matters. Actually, since Huma came into the industry, her name was added to the married men one after another. Recently there is the news that she is very near to Sohail Khan and thus there is tension between Sohail and his wife.

Before this, she was in the media because of the breakdown of the marriage of Anurag Kashyap and Kalki. It was in the news that she came in between of the couple. Then there was the news that she was engaged with the director Abhishek Chaubey of ‘Dedh Ishquiya’. Huma is not understanding, from where such type of news is coming. Who is spreading the rumors against her like this. Now she is blaming the media for this and thus try to go away from them.

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