June 21, 2024
nargis fakhri
nargis fakhri

Some Interesting News from Bollywood

Shakti Kapoor will play the role of the third gender

After playing different types of role, Shakti Kapoor is now playing a new type of role. He is playing the character of a third gender that will be coming in the upcoming months. People were surprised to see Shakti Kapoor when they saw him in the dress of the shemale on the inauguration of this movie. He is looking like the shemale in this gate up. Now people are waiting to see the movie and the role of the Shakti Kapoor.

The snacks are expensive

It is not that you only feel that the eatables are expensive at the multiplexes. The stars who are in this movie also feel the same. It is in news that Ranveer Shourie went to a multiplex recently to watch a movie and there also visited the food court to eat something. But when he heard the rates of the eatables, he was surprised. And he returned back without taking anything. If stars behave like this, then what the common man will do.

Nargis has rejected the movie

The news is that Nargis Fakhri has rejected the film ‘Bank Chor’ of YashRaj Banners’. She told that there is date problem and so rejecting the movie. Kapil Sharma is in the lead role in this movie.

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