July 14, 2024

Covid 19

Corona cases in Canada

Corona Canada

As of September 28, 2023, there have been 4,728,375 affirmed instances of Coronavirus in Canada. The quantity of cases has been expanding lately, and the nation is at present encountering a seventh flood of the pandemic. Most of cases are being accounted for in Ontario, Quebec, and English Columbia. Nonetheless, cases are likewise expanding in different regions and domains. The Omicron BA.5 subvariant is the prevailing type of Coronavirus in Canada. This subvariant is profoundly contagious, even among inoculated individuals. The General Wellbeing Organization of Canada (PHAC) is asking Canadians to receive any available immunization shots and supported against Coronavirus. …

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What is clinical trial, how long it takes?

clinical trial

Clinical trials are the trials of medicines in proper medical supervision. When there is a need for new medicines or improvement in existing Medicine is required, clinical trials are conducted. Clinical or human trials are conducted in four phases. Following are the specifications of all phases in clinical trials. • Phase one is about the first time trial on human beings.• Phase two is about to find the quantity of dose for effective treatment. It also emphasizes minimization of side effects of new drugs.• Phase three is conducted to confirm the results received from phase one and two. It includes …

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Rahul’s attack on the government on the rising cases of Corona, said – PM surrenders

Rahul attack government

Corona virus cases are continuously increasing in the country. On Friday, more than 18 thousand new cases were registered across the country. The country’s main opposition party has targeted the government for this. On Saturday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister is silent and has surrendered. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in new parts of the country. The Government of India has no plans to defeat him. The Prime Minister is silent. They have surrendered and are refusing to fight against the epidemic. ”The Congress president’s statement comes at a time when the corona infection …

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Eat to live or Live to eat

Eat to live or Live to eat

Do we eat to live or we live to eat. The answer can make you sad. As every thing has its own pros and cons. Covid-19 also makes many people quarantine chefs. Those who have never tried cooking before become culinary experts. The mega store shelves become empty. Maida ,semolina become extinct. In India we made cake , cookies ,ice cream , Jalebi , samosa and many more countless dishes. Many of us gain weight.An average human being on an average should consume 2000 calorie to 3000 calorie. Fruits , fibrous food, milk, egg, green vegetables should be a part …

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Such Maya of Corona, mothers had to change their children

kids exchange

The state of Sikkim survived Corona for a long time. Sikkim is also the last state to be infected with Corona. Now a strange case has emerged. A child and a woman have been found corona positive here. Now the woman, who is Corona positive, has been given the responsibility to look after the child. On the other hand, another woman is handling the negative child of Corona positive woman. Overall, the case is such that for some time the mothers of children and the children of mothers have changed among themselves. Easily understand the tricky story. A two-year-old child …

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Corona Crisis: When Will Women Working At Home Return To Their Work?

med domestic help

The country is coming out of lockdown, but the doors of the housing society are still closed for sweeping and washing the meds. Due to this, the crisis of livelihood is increasing in front of thousands of women working in the homes of others. Many housing societies have placed a condition that if they want to return to work, then show Kovid-19 negative certificate. Many unions of domestic workers are now making similar demands to people holding meds. Workers’ organizations believe such a view that only the poor can spread the corona virus. National Convenor of National Domestic Workers Organization, …

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Increased helplessness of Corona patients in India


In the midst of the growing havoc of the epidemic, the claims of good preparedness and government claims of a chalk-proof system are being exposed. But only the grief of those sick can be estimated, who are not getting treatment even after all the efforts. Affection and status are also becoming meaningless in the face of this terrible disease, the helplessness of common people can only be imagined.

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2,137 infections a day in Delhi and 1,372 infection cases in Mumbai


In India, a record 10,956 cases of corona infection have been reported in one day till Friday morning. With this, the number of total infected in the country has reached close to three lakhs. According to the dashboard of Johns Hopkins University, India has now become the fourth worst affected country in the world due to Corona virus. On Friday, 12 May 2020, 1,372 new cases of corona infection have been registered in Mumbai. Here now the total number of corona infected has reached 101,141, although 25,152 people have been cured. On Friday, 90 people died of corona here. In …

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India left Britain behind in terms of number of infected

Covid 19 India

The Government of India has given relief in the lockdown recently. Shop-markets and religious places have been opened here from 8 June. Since then, the country is seeing an increase in cases of corona infection. Experts believe that Corona’s peak has not come here yet. According to Johns Hopkins University, where on June 8, India was at number five in the list of worst affected countries in the world with 257,486 cases of corona infection. At the same time, on 12 June, he overtook Britain and came at number four in this list. Corona infection cases have increased to 75.70 …

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Brazil Coronavirus Toll Now Worlds Second Highest Live SECVPF


Brazil has now surpassed Britain in deaths due to coronavirus. According to Johns Terminkins University’s Birdboard, Brazil is now second in the world in terms of deaths. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in the last twenty-four hours, around 909 people have died here from Kovid-19, after which the total number of deaths in the country has reached 41,828. At the same time, 41,566 people have lost their lives in the UK from Corona. In the last 24 hours, 25,982 new cases of corona have been reported in the country, after which the total number of infected people has …

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