May 12, 2024


The sixth phase of General Elections 2014 going to be held on 24th April 2014 for 117 seats. The campaigning for these 117 seats will stop at 6 pm on Tuesday. In this sixth phase, polling will be held on 7 seats of Bihar, 7 seats of Chhattisgarh Jharkhand, 1 seat of Jammu & Kashmir, 4 seats of Jharkhand, 10 seats of Madhya Pradesh, 19 seats of Maharashtra, 5 seats of Rajasthan, 39 seats of Tamil Nadu, 12 seats of Uttar Pradesh, 6 seats of West Bengal and 1 seat of Pondicherry.
Leaders of all parties were seeing attempting their last opportunity for wooing voters before the campaigning in the area stops. Also, the candidates in fray are putting their full strength by going village to village and house to house for seeking votes by holding election meetings. This election hulla-ho and parade of candidates and activists will halt on Tuesday.
As per directions of Election Commission, the campaigning for any seat will be stopped 48 hours before the end of the elections on that seat. So the campaigning for these 117 seats will halt on Tuesday evening at 6 pm. Being the last day of campaigning, all the candidates will leave no stone unturned to throw all their might and try to leave their image on voter’s mind on this last day.
Candidates are planning to reach out to maximum people in more places on that last day leading to congregation of echoes of campaigning from all places throughout the day. Candidates will give special emphasis on locations which have not been visited so far in the campaigning. Whereas, in areas, where there is strong competition, they will not hesitate to reach back to the voters again.

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