May 19, 2024

Shazia said, Lets go communal

In the series of controversial and inflammatory statements there comes a video in which the AAP party leader Shazia ILMI visibly telling that Muslims need to be some secular.

This video is available on YouTube in which Ilmi is saying that Muslims are secular and need to be communal. Muslims are not sectarian and does not vote for themselves. Arvind Kejriwal, is one of you. Many times you can vote for the Congress. Several times you vote for the other. Do not be secular this time. See your own interest. Although it is controversial to say, but it is necessary. The party has condemned the statement of Ilmi on twitter but Shazia is standing on her statement.

Shazia is a Lok Sabha candidate from Ghaziabad and it is not clear in the video that when and where she is while giving this statement and if there is any tampering with the video or not, but to defend herself in this regard Shazia said she only meant that Muslims need not to be political slaves at all.

Shazia said, “ Actually I was playing with words and I was trying to say that Muslims should vote those who think about their growth, employment and education”, but AAP tweeted a statement that Shazia should not give these types of statements. The party does not accept that kind of politics. Manish Sisodia also said while dismissing the Shazia’s statement that she should not have said that.
“Congress has been saying that Aam Aadmi Party is a group of anarchic people and Shazia proved it again. “

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