December 5, 2023

But why not get the credit Katrina

This has happened not once but many times. Katrina Kaif not get credit for the success of the film. Each section of rock ‘Dhoom -3’ came and went. Aamir walked on each side of the discussion. Someone even asked during Katrina.

Working with Aamir for every heroine is the most difficult thing. The entire film takes its name, acronym and heroine do not get credit. `Dhoom -3 ‘, so much so that in the discussion of the beauty of Katrina is not a compliment.

Poor Cat …. He was many days preparing for the film. Of course she was beautiful too, but still can not achieve much in this movie Katrina.

Every time is left empty wallet
With Khan `s long life ‘came in, were praising Anushka walked away. Was `Tiger ‘Salman was much discussed. `Dhoom -3 ‘are bound to see all of the latest.

Now Katrina has to understand that if he continued such insignificant roles, the day is not far when the throne of Bollywood Mene number one will be out of the race. Mushikl survive in Bollywood is just on the strength of beauty.

Even ten years after the Katrina have managed to make her a screen image. His screen presence is so beautiful, but strong, Comicl, bubbly, serious or something similar is not spicy. Here is an image of every heroine.

Kareena looks cool when the Indian and suitability for Priyanka’s character seems to be courageous, Anushka fits the lore of Beit Modern characters can play any role.

Katrina? Entertain on its own can not do it alone, viewers have come to know it by now. The action scenes are neither confident nor gray shed.

With CAT Why?

Full of women-centric films in Bollywood is looking for heroines. But Katrina is that good that he’s acting in the film went on the ghost move alone? Katrina to the betterment of their careers, they also must generate its public image.

His movies this year `Bang – Bang ‘and’ Phantom ‘will. Did you hear that `the Tiger ‘sequel has already been declared. The actor will play a central, but will not Katrina.

Now see that with the help of Kat and Ranbir Kapoor Bollywood beauty will be based on your ability.

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