December 9, 2023
hospital cost
hospital cost

Action against the hospitals to treat costly

Irda has planned to check the Hospitals which are charging high fees for the treatment on stilted manner. In the starting the irda has a list of 30 thousand hospitals of the country. Expenditure on various treatment will not only monitored, but also insurance companies will make pressure on the hospitals to reduce the fees
Irda has existed 30 thousand hospitals in its list whereby all hospitals has a unique ID. Not only this irda has prepared data on the basic of the PIN-code of the hospitals. The next step of irda will be to keep an eye on the fees taken by the hospitals for different treatments. In the first list irda covers 3552 hospitals of Uttar Pradesh and 1181 hospitals of Delhi.
Like this 1511 hospitals of Hariyana and 1196 hospitals of Punjab and Chandigarh are being covered.
Before coming the list of hospitals with unique codes the Chairman of irda T.S.Vijayan has said they will keep an eye on spending of discretionary fees from patients by giving unique code to the hospital.
According to the Insurance companies this exercise will keep the check on the arbitrary fees of the hospitals that take advantage of clients as well.
According to the officials different fees are being charged for the same treatment in different hospitals. Which suffer the brunt of the companies as well as patients. On this irda’s new initiative, on the wrong fee from hospitals, insurance companies will not only put pressure on them, rather than arbitrary will blacklisted.

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