July 17, 2024

Dates of Assembly elections in five states has been Announced

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections is seen as the final assembly elections in five states have been ringing bugle . EC in five states of Delhi , Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan , Chhattisgarh and Mizoram have announced the dates of the elections . The first two steps in Chhattisgarh elections on November 11 and 19 . In the last elections will be held on December 04 in Delhi and Mizoram . Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath on Saturday announced the dates for the press conference .

Chhattisgarh : a two-stage ( November 11 and November 19 ) will be held .

The first phase
Notification: be released on October 18
Date: October 25 last enrollment will

Election Poll:  November 11
The second phase notification : October 25
Election Poll:  November 19

Madhya Pradesh  One Phase
Notification: November 1
Nominations Last Date: November 8
Scrutiny : November 9
Withdrawal Last Date: November 11
Election Date November 25 will

Rajasthan  One Phase
Notification:  November 5
Last Date of Enrollment: November 12
Scrutiny : November 13
Withdrawal Last Date: November 16
Election Date: December 1

Delhi: One Phase 
Notification November 9
Nominations Last Date: November 16
Scrutiny : November 18
Withdrawal Last Date:November 20 last withdrawal of candidature
Election Date: 4   December

Mizoram : One Phase 
Notification November 9
Last Date of  Nominations: November 16
Scrutiny : November 18
To the last date of enrollment : November 20
Election Date: December 4th

Observer enhance the enthusiasm of voters
The five states for a total of 630 seats will be built one lakh 30 thousand polling booths . He said that adequate security arrangements in all states will be present and the number of polling Observer . Central awareness Observer will be deployed first . They will enhance the enthusiasm of the voters .

Keep a close eye on the money
Sampath said that the EC’s election expenditure will be monitored


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