July 21, 2024
Arvind Kejariwal

AAP issued a manifesto: What promises made Arvind Kejriwal to the people of Delhi?

Delhi Assembly elections Aam Adami Party ‘AAP’  released its Manifesto today. Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is named AAP Manifesto of the ‘resolution’.

Arvind said while releasing it  the resolution   have been made  between the public for several months with their own opinions.

In Manifesto ‘ AAP promised that if he comes to power in Delhi, the capital of the burden of electricity bills will be halved . ” AAP had every household in addition to provide clean water to the people has also promised to provide affordable treatment . ‘ AAP’, thus increasing the strength of the House Mohalla Menifeston the right of local officials to decide decision , but given the public . Yogendra Yadav, while continuing Manifesto ‘ AAP’, there are many leaders

Manifesto of the key things

  • Full statehood for Delhi will be fetched.
  • Delhi Lokayukta will be completely powers. They have complete freedom to work.
  • Foreign Grocery will be no openings in Delhi.
  • Games will be dealt with corruption.
  • Jan Lokpal will be brought to power in 15 days.
  • Delhi Jan Lokpal bill be passed. The officers will have to declare their income .
  • Delhi Chief Minister under the ambit of Lokpal , ministers , legislators and government officials come.
  • Sanskrit , Punjabi and Urdu will be promoted .
  • Will increase the number of public hospitals .
  • Up to 700 liters of free water will be provided .
  • 500 new schools.
  • Will be completely banned the use of plastic .

Yogendra Yadav told reporters about the party’s Manifesto . He came to power in the Jan Lokpal Bill passed by the Assembly on 29 December will . That same day, a year ago in the Rajya Sabha, a ‘ gimmick ‘ was the Jan Lokpal bill was dropped .

The common man , a political party on December 29 at the Ramlila ground in Delhi and Delhi Jan Lokpal bill passed the Assembly will convene a special session . Chief Minister , ministers , legislators and all government employees from top to bottom, it will come under scrutiny . He will have to declare all his assets . If he does not , then action will be taken against him . Not just any officer or employee is found to have its disproportionate assets , it will be forfeited .

 Arvind Kejriwal have more than 2 crore rupees’s  property
The government will be enacted within three months Swaraj . Through this law, decision-making power regarding their neighborhood will be given directly to the public . At the local level will prevent corruption in the operations .

Yadav said that all development work to a certain extent . Work to be completed in the target range . Failing to do so will be prosecuted to the relevant department or officer . Citizen Charter is applicable in Delhi , but it is not acted upon within the stipulated penalty is no provision . ” AAP will continue exposes of corruption in Government .

AAP has announced 67 candidates list for Delhi election 2013

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