The Election Commission of India has fixed 86 election symbols

This time Election Commission has fixed 87 election symbols. Commission official says that the commission has taken care that when you decide to mark, it can be understood at first sight look and at the same time it is linked to people’s daily routine things.
In Lok Sabha elections the Election Commission has pre determined the symbols for regional parties to national parties, but symbols for the small parties and independent candidates are not pre fixed.
Everyone wants to try his luck in the elections. it’s not possible for all to get ticket from national or regional parties.
Some parties do not receive tickets while some rebels and come off the field as independent and some are self-proclaimed leader in what one observer described as. The EC separately allocate election symbols to these candidates. After filing nominations if found correct election symbols are assigned to the candidate.
The Election Commission prepared total 87 different symbols. it ranged from the daily use items to the musical instruments. Diesel pump, ladies wallets, AC and dish antenna all are included in the election symbols.
Different symbols: Wardrobe, air-condition, auto-rickshaws, balloon, filled fruit baskets, bat, battery flashlight, belt, black boards, bottle, bread, briefcases, brushes, buckets, cake, calculator, camera, candle, caroms Board, carpet, carrots, cauliflower, ceiling fan, Chess Board, slippers, coats, coconut, bunk, cups and plates, DAO, diesel pump, dish antenna, Doli House, envelope, funnel phrak, frying pan, flute,, gas cylinder, Gas stove, glass, grape, green peppers, harmonium, headpiece, helmets, hockey and ball, ice cream, press, kettle, kite, ladies wallets, letter box, nail cutter, grind, neck tie, pen stand, pen, pencil sharpener, pin plate stand, haandi, pressure cooker, razor, refrigerators, ring, saws, scissors, sewing machine, shuttle, stethoscope, stool, table and window.

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