December 6, 2023

Kejriwal fountain of jokes explodes laughter!

Kejriwal is so honest that …..

Kejriwal so honest that no woman asks him ‘Am I looking fat’.

Kejriwal so honest that if he do the party he call up cops at exactly ten o’clock to bind up the party.

Kejriwal test his Colgate salt himself, why? Because he is honest.

Kejriwal is very honest .. because

Because he never skips the advertisements of YouTube.

Because he always remove his pendrive safely.

Damn Kejriwal, so honest, that he made his wife’s brother arrested in “jhoota churai” ceremony.

Honesty, integrity

Kejriwal cooks his Maggi just for 2 minutes because … because he is honest!!

Kejriwal when he writes ROFL, he really start to roll on the ground because “rolls on the floor laughing”.

Kejriwal is so honest that when he download any online movie he buy tickets before that.

Kejriwal do not have even any antivirus in his computer. Why …? because he refuse for the security.

Kejriwal so honest that he does not ever take extra sause with McDonald’s burger.  Shit do not understand why ……. oh ho please try to understand na…

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